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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Women Who Rock

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Incredible female-fronted rock and heavy music talent.

92曲 • 5時間25分

1Still into You2BOOM3K.M.B. Live (Amazon Original)4Rockstar5Coral Fang6セレブリティ・スキン7Piggy8Only Happy When It Rains9Scratchcard Feeling10Circle With Me11Don't Mess With Me12Piece of My Heart13ジャスト・ア・ガール14Hung Up15モノ16Hold On17Black Horse18Worms19Crowded City20River21I Miss the Misery22Bad Things (Amazon Original)23My House24Third Class Citizen25Running with the Wild Things26Blurry27ブリング・ミー・トゥ・ライフ28Edge of Seventeen29愛の嵐 (Edit; 2005 Digital Remaster)30I Love Rock 'N Roll31Guided by Angels32Ride Or Die33Siamese Souls34香港庭園35Because the Night36Smile37ハート・オブ・グラス (2001 Digital Remaster)38What About Love? (2000 Digital Remaster)39Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me40Listen to Your Heart (Swedish Single Edit)41Comfort In Chaos42Something Kinda Ooooh (Amazon Original)43Just A Girl (Amazon Original)44Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Remastered)45メイク・ミー・ワナ・ダイ46Brass in Pocket47Infinity Guitars48Behind Closed Doors49Wraith50The Magic Point51Blue Blood Blues52Euphoric53Feels Like Something54The Muck55Down56Violent Minds57I Think I Hate Myself58Gum59redundant60Love It When You Hate Me61t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l [feat. Travis Barker]62California Friends63I Disagree64u look stupid65Lost66FUCKBOI REJECTS67バッド・フォー・マイ・ボディ68Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around ft. Brett Emmons of The Glorious Sons (Amazon Original)69Nothing Is Always70Diamonds to Dust71CASUALTY72Cloaked73MAD WORLD74Noise75Nose76The In-Between77ギミチョコ!!78あきまへんか79Rebel Girl80ドリームス81Break Stuff82Evil Blooms83Bleugh84ANTIHERO85I Never Say No86Experiment On Me87へヴィ・メタル・ハート88Off With Their Heads89White Lies90The Best Thing (That Never Happened)91Transgender Dysphoria Blues92Dress