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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Written By Eg White

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Explore the hits, deep cuts, and hidden gems crafted by Eg White

39曲 • 2時間22分

1Chasing Pavements2One More Light3You Give Me Something4ウォリック・アヴェニュー5I've Told You Now6Melt My Heart to Stone7Take It All8Good Thing9What The Water Gave Me10ワンダフル・ワールド11Like Everybody Else (Acoustic)12Water And A Flame13Leave Right Now14Tired15Nothing's Real but Love16Hurricane Drunk17Shiver18When You Were Mine19Sense20We Can21You My Everything22Treading Water23Hold Me24ジョス・ストーン 「ユー・ハド・ミー」25Tidal Wave26Speaking of the End27Last 10028ファスト・フォワード29How Can I Blame You30Crosswords31I'll Take Everything32One Foot Wrong33Hurt Me Once34Aboard35Je réalise36We Didn't Make It To The Moon37シー・ユー・アゲイン38If Time Is All I Have39Festival