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REDISCOVER Christine McVie

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

A celebration of the solo works from an iconic vocalist, writer & musician.

31曲 • 2時間25分

1Got a Hold on Me2In My World3Songbird (Orchestral Version)4I'm On My Way (Remastered Version)5Find Your Way Back Home (feat. Stevie Nicks & Christine McVie)6Love Will Show Us How7Red Sun8The Challenge9Lay Down for Free10Friend (Remix)11Slow Down12I'm the One13Feel About You14One in a Million15Hypnotized (Live At The Roxy, Hollywood, 1981)16Northern Star (Remix)17Ask Anybody18And That's Saying A Lot (Remastered Version)19Givin' It Back (Remix)20The Smile I Live For21Love Is Here to Stay22Wait And See (Remastered Version)23Sweet Revenge (Remix)24Carnival Begin25All You Gotta Do26Sentimental Lady (Live At The Roxy, Hollywood, 1981)27Silvery Sleep (feat. Christine McVie)28Easy Come, Easy Go (Remix)29Don't Give It Up (Live At The Roxy, Hollywood, 1981)30Only Love Is Left Alive (feat. Christine McVie)31So Excited