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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Written By Yip Harburg

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Explore the hits, deep cuts, and hidden gems crafted by Yip Harburg.

50曲 • 2時間25分

1パリの四月2イッツ・オンリー・ア・ペイパー・ムーン3Old Devil Moon4Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Original Recorded Version)5Look to the Rainbow6Over the Rainbow7How Are Things in Glocca Morra?8Down With Love (Album Version)9あなたに飽きて10When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love11If This Isn't Love (Remastered)12イーグル・アンド・ミー13I Like The Likes Of You14That's Life15Let’s Take A Walk Around The Block16Savannah17Necessity18Something Sort of Grandish19I Don't Think I'll End It All Today20Thrill Me21Overture22The World Is Your Balloon23Love and Nuts and Noodles24Little Biscuit25Silent Spring26Let's Put Our Heads Together27Isn't It Heavenly28What Good Does It Do29You're a Builder-Upper30Najla's Lament31In Your Own Quiet Way32Don't Pass Me By (Bonus Track)33Moanin' in the Mornin'34Oh, It Looks Like Rain35Adrift On a Star (from "The Happiest Girl in the World")36Here's to Your Illusions37Don't Let It Get You Down38C'est La Vie39The Horse Won't Talk (Remastered Version)40Jump, Little Chillun'!41Spirit Of Capsulanti42Where Have I Seen Your Face Before43My Paramount-Publix-Roxy Rose44You, Too, Can Be A Puppet45Leave de Atom Alone46Pity the Sunset47Paris Is a Lonely Town (Remastered Version)48Speaking of the Weather49Any Moment Now50Come Back, Little Genie