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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Written By Johnny Mercer

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Explore the hits, deep cuts, and hidden gems crafted by Johnny Mercer.

47曲 • 2時間31分

1ドリーム (2020 Mix)2Come Rain or Come Shine3Days Of Wine And Roses4Autumn Leaves (2005 Remastered)5Moon River (From Breakfast at Tiffany's) [Remastered]6サマー・ウィンド7Too Marvelous For Words (Remastered 1992)8ザ・ポジティヴ [feat. Vic Schoen & His Orchestra]9You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby10アイム・オールド・ファッションド [feat. ネルソン・リドル楽団]11おいらはカウボーイ~映画「愉快なリズム」より12Goody Goody13Fools Rush In14サムシングズ・ガッタ・ギヴ15Drinking Again (Album Version)16G.I. Jive17アイ・ソート・アバウト・ユー18Baby-O19トラヴェリン・ライト20When October Goes21デイ・イン、デイ・アウト22P.S. I Love You (2002 Digital Remaster)23How Little We Know24Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home (Album Version)25Top Banana26Moment To Moment27Moon Dreams [feat. The Mellowaires]28ネイムリー・ユー29When a Man Loves a Woman30アーリー・オータム31Strip Polka32Wings Over the Navy33One For My Baby34Out Of This World35I Had Myself A True Love (Album Version)36サテン・ドール37I Wanna Be Around38Talk To Me Baby39Once In a While (1991 Remastered)40A Month Of Sundays41Blue Rain (Remastered)42Fool That I Am43Harlem Butterfly44Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?45If I Had My Druthers46If You Were Mine47Legalize My Name