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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Highly influential "slowcore" pioneers anchored by Alan Sparhawk & Mimi Parker.

46曲 • 3時間59分

1Monkey2Especially Me3Days Like These4What Part of Me5So Blue6Sunflower7Weight of Water8Try to Sleep9White Horses10Dinosaur Act11Plastic Cup12I'm on Fire13Dancing and Blood14Kind of Girl15Congregation16Point of Disgust17Disappearing18Into You19Silver Rider20Fly21Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me22Disarray23Condescend24When I Go Deaf25Immune26Laser Beam27More28No Comprende29California30Lazy31Embrace32I Can Wait33Quorum34Just Make It Stop35Breaker36In Metal37All Night38Gentle39Missouri40I Hear... Goodnight41July42Let's Stay Together43Hatchet (Optimimi Version)44Will the Night45Murderer46Holy Ghost