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REDISCOVER Porcupine Tree

Expertos de Amazon Music選曲

Lo mejor de Porcupine Tree en un mismo lugar.

50曲 • 5時間49分

1Strip The Soul [Remastered]2Lightbulb Sun3Piano Lessons4Dignity5Trains [Remastered]6The Sound Of Muzak [Remastered]7Prodigal [Remastered]8Arriving Somewhere But Not Here9Sleep Together10Don`t Hate Me11Harridan12Gravity Eyelids [Remastered]13Love in the Past Tense14Population Three15Walk the Plank16Normal17Lazarus18Time Flies19The Start of Something Beautiful20Half-Light (Live)21Deadwing22Pure Narcotic23Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled24Open Car25Fear of a Blank Planet26Dark Matter27Shallow28Russia On Ice29Blackest Eyes [Remastered]30Hatesong31Herd Culling32Nil Recurring33Buying New Soul34Mellotron Scratch35Even Less36Tinto Brass37Feel So Low38My Ashes39Anesthetize40Halo41Remember Me Lover42Stars Die43Way out of Here44Bonnie the Cat45Of the New Day46Chimera's Wreck47Cheating the Polygraph48Shesmovedon49Never Have50A Smart Kid