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Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


51曲 • 3時間35分

1Best of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO コメンタリー  (2022/10/5)2A revolution3Your Song - Remastered 20204Swingin'5It's not too late6Last Smile7LADY MADONNA~憂鬱なるスパイダー~8Freedom9Sally10Place Of Love11You're the reason12Beautiful World13This way14Happiness15Shining On16Shadow behind17LOW (ver.1.1)18Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - Remastered 202019Good Times, Bad Times20waltz21My last fight22Have you ever seen the rain?23Everybody needs somebody24Beautiful days25Might Fall In Love26Dry Town ~Theme Of Zero~ - Remastered 202027I mean love me28裸の王様29I will be with you30It's You31Aha!(All We Want)32Feel My Desire33A DAY FOR YOU341 2 335These days36Love Is All Around - Remastered 202037Standing Bird38life goes on39Fantastic World - Remastered 202040ノスタルジック '6941Abbot Kinney42Moonly43This Moment44Happy birthday45I am waiting for you46“O”47all over love48Birdie49You'll Find Out50Good Days Ahead51GRAPEFRUITS