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Editores de Amazon Music選曲

REDISCOVER Bruno Martini

Editores de Amazon Music選曲

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40曲 • 2時間5分

1Hear Me Now (Summer Sessions Remix) [Amazon Original]2Fica Lá Com Ela3QUE TÚ QUIERES4If You Don’t Know My Name [feat. Mistaa Mike]5CALLE DE MI CASA6Save Me [feat. Mayra]7Morena8Hear Me Now9Sun Goes Down10A.R.T.11Ghost12Naughty13Road [feat. Johnny Franco]14Sou Teu Fã15Bend The Knee16Summer Thing (Cat Dealers Remix)17Living On The Outside18Breaking Me (Bruno Martini Remix)19I Do (with Zeeba)20M.I.A.21Cry About It Later22911 (Bruno Martini Remix)23Before You Break24Running [feat. Mayra]25Morena (Bruno Martini Remix)26Somebody That You Loved27Take You Dancing (Bruno Martini Remix)28Attitude [feat. Kicks]29Shameless30L'amour toujours31Gone Too Long32Jag Class33Youngr34With Me35Savages36Never Let Me Go37The Cure38Sua Vez39Velha Infância (Bruno Martini Remix)40Closure (Extended Mix)