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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Swedish doom-metal shrouded in mystery & surrounded by a group of nameless ghouls.

35曲 • 2時間31分

1Mary On A Cross2Dance Macabre3Square Hammer4Call Me Little Sunshine5Kiss The Go-Goat6Rats7Cirice8Faith9Hunter’s Moon10From The Pinnacle To The Pit11Witch Image12イヤー・ゼロ13He Is14Life Eternal15Spillways16See The Light17Mummy Dust18Ritual19Pro Memoria20Absolution21Watcher In The Sky22Spirit23Miasma24Spoksonat25Kaisarion26Con Clavi Con Dio27Ashes28If You Have Ghosts29Twenties30Majesty31モンストランス・クロック32Deus In Absentia33Helvetesfonster34Darkness At The Heart Of My Love35Missionary Man