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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Musician, Actor, Activist: Jimmy Cliff, a Caribbean Icon

59曲 • 4時間4分

1アイ・キャン・シー・クリアリー・ナウ2Refugees [feat. Wyclef Jean]3"Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Single Version"4メニー・リヴァーズ・トゥ・クロス5You Can Get It If You Really Want6ザ・ハーダー・ゼイ・カム7Reggae Night8シッティング・イン・リンボ9John Crow10ザ・ハーダー・ゼイ・カム11Better Days Are Coming12Vietnam13Hurricane Hattie14Treat the Youths Right15Black Magic16Hello Sunshine17Rebel In Me18She Does It Right19Shout For Freedom20Melody Tempo Harmony (Radio Mix) [feat. Jimmy Cliff]21We All Are One22Racism [feat. Lilty Cliff]23Breakout (Album Version)24Come Into My Life - Single Version25Miss Jamaica26Sunshine in the Music27Refugees (Dance Version) [feat. Wyclef Jean]28ハクナ・マタタ29Roots Radical30Moving On31ハード・ロード・トゥ・トラヴェル32Roots Woman33Hot Shot (album version)34遙かなる河35Reggae Night (Special Version)36Hard Road to Travel37Me Abraca E Me Beija38Where Did It Go39Africa40Bongo Man41Hey Mr Yesterday42Now and Forever43Money Love44My World Is Blue45Let's Dance46Roll On Rolling Stone47Stepping Out Of Limbo48We Want Justice [feat. Dwight Richards]49My Ancestors50Hanging Fire (Album Version)51Time Will Tell52American Dream53Samba Reggae54Peace Officer55Hitting With Music56Ooh La La La (Let's Go Dancing) [feat. Jimmy Cliff & Bounty Killer]57Let's Go Dancing (Ohh La La La)58No Justice59Baby Let Me Feel It