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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

A mix of hits, and fan favourites from one of Canada's hardest rocking bands.

40曲 • 3時間10分

1That Song2Albatross3The Oaf4Full Display5Ghosts6Inhale7Middle of Nowhere8Blown Wide Open9One Good Piece Of Me10Wolves11Better Off12Melody & Sound13Too Far Gone14Ladylike15Bombs Away16Locomotive17Fear & Cowardice18Come What May19Under The Lighthouse20You Caught My Eye21Rye Bread22How Would You Know23Mistake24You Don’t Even Know25A Million Days26One More Chance27Look What I Found28Control29Breakthrough30Fall Over31Hey Mama32Fields33Ought To Be34All Is Fair35Oh My36Haunted37Spit It Out38Knee Deep39Alibi40Digging In