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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

A key part of the New York City post-punk revival of the early 2000's

40曲 • 2時間50分

1Obstacle 12Evil3Rest My Chemistry4All the Rage Back Home5Slow Hands6The Rover7Untitled8Toni9C'mere10PDA11The Heinrich Maneuver12If You Really Love Nothing13Narc14Barricade15NYC16Something Changed17Not Even Jail18My Desire19Leif Erikson20Real Life21Take You on a Cruise22No I In Threesome23Stella was a diver and she was always down24Complications25Next Exit26Lights27Obstacle 228Pioneer To The Falls29Public Pervert30Fables31Say Hello to the Angels32Everything Is Wrong33A Time to Be So Small34Flight of Fancy35Roland36Pace Is The Trick37Length of Love38Gran Hotel39Hands Away40Fine Mess