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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Hip Hop Jazz Evolution

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

We got the vibes - where lyrical and harmonic improvisations intermix.

71曲 • 4時間20分

1311! (feat. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper & Keyon Harrold)2Down With The King3Get Lit4Volte-Face5Stretch (Internally/Externally) [feat. Nappy Nina]6Monoxide7Wavelet (Live at The Portico)8Mo Ni Fere Preta9Cartoon Animals1050 Years11FRAGILE12Vibe Tribe (feat. Theo Croker)13We've Got Bars14Find Your Peace (Single Edit) [feat. Common & Robert Glasper & Jean Baylor]15Machete16Dark Ages17MOTHERLESS (Robert Glasper Rendition) [feat. Eryn Allen Kane & Robert Glasper]18Watching Me feat. MonoNeon (Instrumental)19Black Friday (CARRTOONS Remix)20U Already Know21Liquid Light22Awake23james baldwin24The Long Juju Slave Route of Arochokwu25Watermelon Man Version26Aloe [feat. LESKY & Sátyr]27Love Love28フランクス・チューン29Cable Car30Souly Interlude (Time Is Color)31It's Okay32Trapped in the American Dream3377734Therapy pt. 2 [feat. Mac Miller]35テイク・ア・チャンス36Somebody's Gotta Do It37Dreamsishappening38Atmospheric39Didn't You [feat. Talib Kweli]40モンタラ41JAZZ IS DEAD42A Little Dream43Snooze44グリーン・ウィズ・エンヴィ45Make My Way Back Home46ブラック・ホール [feat. アンダーソン・パーク]47That Oooh Yeah48ARTiFiCiAL (Edit Version)49Against the Odds50Ahmad51Gunshowers (Instrumental)52I Can Say To You (Single Edit) [feat. Vanisha Gould]53Searching54Dream Another55The Lava Is Calm56ドント・レット・イット・ゲット・アウェイ [feat. エマヴィー]57Ready To Ball58Treehome95 (Instrumental)59Me, Myself and I (feat. Josh Auckland & Zephyr Avalon Instrumental) (Instrumental)60Breathe61Strings62Black [feat. Brother Portrait]63Bitches Are Back64パイロット65ナイツ・イン・ハヴァナ [feat. アレックス・ブレイク]66Pasadena Sun67Ray Gun (Instrumental)68Gate Of Stars69A Love Supreme (feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe, Wataru Hamasaki, Kohei Ando, Ruike Shinpei, Sauce 81, Tsuyoshi Kosuga, Kobayashi Shinju)70The Vibe (feat. Joel Ross)71The Mischievous Artium