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REDISCOVER Canadian Hits: The '90s

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

You oughta know these tracks from a wild era of Alt Rock colliding with Pop, R&B, and Dance.

61曲 • 4時間38分

1Drinking in L.A.2フィール・ライク・ア・ウーマン3She's so High4You Oughta Know (2015 Remaster)5One Week6Life Is a Highway (2018 Version)7Ahead By A Century8Because You Loved Me (Theme from "Up Close and Personal")9Steal My Sunshine10Northern Touch (2018 Mix)11Informer12You're a Superstar (Radio Edit)13Let's Ride14アイ・ドゥ・イット・フォー・ユー15Nobody's Supposed to Be Here16Bad Timing17Harvest Moon18Girl of My Dreams19Midnight Rain20Sucks To Be You21Constant Craving22From the Back of the Film23Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm24Superman's Dead25Sleepy Maggie26Insensitive27エイプリル・フールズ28Make You a Believer29Someone Who's Cool30That Song31Push32君が欲しい33マイ・ハート・ウィル・ゴー・オン (ラヴ・テーマ・フロム ''タイタニック'')34Basement Apt.35Angel36Numb (Album Version)37Red38O Siem39Little Kingdoms40Anti-Manifesto41E-Z on the Motion42Any Sense of Time43That Don't Impress Me Much44Don't Wanna Fall in Love45Just Came Back46Ali47You May Be Right (Edit)48Anytime You Want49Apparitions50Funkmobile51It's All Coming Back to Me Now52Bad as They Seem53Ocean Pearl54Lost Together (2012 Remaster)55My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (Radio Mix)56Brian Wilson57Coax Me58ホエン・ユーアー・ゴーン [feat. メラニー C]59Diggin A Hole60Hurts To Love You (LP Version (Album Version))61ザッツ・ザ・ウェイ・イット・イズ