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REDISCOVER Brett Eldredge

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Known for his voluminous voice, Brett Eldredge has continued to blaze a country trail all his own.

32曲 • 1時間51分

1Wanna Be That Song2Don't Ya3Love Someone4Songs About You5Beat of the Music6Mean to Me7Drunk on Your Love8Lose My Mind9Gabrielle10The Long Way11The One You Need12Somethin' I'm Good At13Fix A Heart14Where the Heart Is15The Reason16I Feel Fine17Then You Do18Sunday Drive19Wait Up For Me20Superhero21Good Day22Raymond23Holy Water24Waited Too Long25Castaway26Fire27Want That Back28One Mississippi (Live from CMT's Listen Up)29Phone Call to God30You Can't Stop Me (feat. Thomas Rhett)31Cycles32When The Party's Over (Live)