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REDISCOVER Joan Armatrading

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Relationships have no documentarian more sensitive than the trailblazing, ever-evolving Armatrading.

64曲 • 4時間11分

1ラヴ・アンド・アフェクション2The Weakness In Me3Turn Out The Light4ウィロウ5In These Times6Show Some Emotion7Me Myself I8Drop The Pilot9Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart)10Lost In Love11ダウン・トゥ・ゼロ12Into The Blues13Woncha Come On Home14Stronger Love15This Charming Life16Temptation17ヘルプ・ユアセルフ18Rosie19ボトム・トゥ・ザ・トップ20City Girl (2015 Remastered Version)21When I Get It Right22Moves23I Really Must Be Going24Is It Tomorrow Yet?25Heaven26(I Love It When You) Call Me Names27The Devil I Know28アム・アイ・ブルー・フォー・ユー29More Than One Kind Of Love30All The Way From America31Back To The Night32Steppin' Out (Live)33Lonely Lady34Glorious Madness35Two Tears36Lovers Speak37サムバディ・フー・ラヴズ・ユー38Love By You39Laurel And The Rose40Hearts And Flowers41セイヴ・ミー42LOVE SONG - LIVE43Mama Mercy44Baby Blue Eyes45Close to Me46ベアフット・アンド・プリグナント47Cool Blue Stole My Heart48Friends49Loving What You Hate50Physical Pain51Something In The Air Tonight52Wrapped Around Her53Whatever's For Us, For Us (2015 Remastered Version)54The Shouting Stage55Travel So Far56Natural Rhythm57ベイビー・アイ58Foolish Pride59The Way I Think of You60No Love61Recommend My Love62Waiting63No More Pain64Cry