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REDISCOVER Rex Orange County

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With masterful use of pop, r&b, soul and jazz; no one writes a sad song quite like Alex O’Connor.

33曲 • 2時間10分

1Television / So Far So Good2Corduroy Dreams3OPEN A WINDOW4Best Friend5Pluto Projector6Sunflower7Happiness8KEEP IT UP9Uno1010/1011A Song About Being Sad12THREAT13Boredom14AMAZING15Untitled16Face to Face17Paradise18New York State Of Mind (Live at Radio City Music Hall)19Edition20Never Enough21Foreword22It's Not The Same Anymore23Belly (The Grass Stains)244 Seasons25ONE IN A MILLION26Always27WORTH IT28Sycamore Girl29Rex (Intro)30Apricot Princess31Never Had The Balls32THE SHADE33Waiting Room