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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

The confidence & honesty of Mitski has made her one of the best songwriters of the last decade.

37曲 • 2時間2分

1Washing Machine Heart2My Love Mine All Mine3I Bet on Losing Dogs4The Only Heartbreaker5Nobody6First Love/Late Spring7Strawberry Blond8Working for the Knife9Bug Like an Angel10Liquid Smooth11Me and My Husband12Francis Forever13Your Best American Girl14A Pearl15I Want You16Star17Brand New City18A Burning Hill19Susie Save Your Love20Love Me More21Why Didn't You Stop Me?22Last Words of a Shooting Star23Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart24Geyser25Townie26Heaven27Once More to See You28Heat Lightning29Class of 201330Real Men31I Will32Pink in the Night33Between the Breaths34I'm Your Man35Stay Soft36Two Slow Dancers37Bag of Bones