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Amazon Music選曲

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50曲 • 2時間24分

1ANTIHERO2RUSH (ft. BOBBY)3Runnin' (feat. I.M)4Turtle (Feat. CHUNG HA)5Taxi Blurr (Feat. NATTY of KISS OF LIFE)6That’s Me7If i love that8Bad Idea9idontfreestyle10hur (feat. C JAMM)11Tasty12SPOT! [feat. JENNIE]13YES (feat. Jay Park, REDDY)14DIORAMA15AI16Pretty Lady17Nectar (feat. Jay Park)18Every Night19CAN U LUV20HIGH21WORK22Choke23Pretty Plzzz (Feat. B.I)24YEH! YEH!25glide26No Lowkey27So Far Away28Your/My29Beautiful (feat. B.I)30harmless31Back then (feat. sunny)32세상 따위 F****** World (Feat. BewhY)33Got yourself a gun (feat. ZICO)34APE35Half Asleep (feat. Peakboy, hiko)36COLD AVE.37PITAPA38Hesitate39ROTY40Baby PLZ (feat. Jay Park)41Hospital, Court, Work, Filming42Trap Talk43One Peace44Fresh45I Like U46Let off steam47I can’t be cool (with Leellamarz)48Body49SAVE ME (Feat.Jehwwn)50how to love (feat. PiLO)