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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

REDISCOVER: Mark Lanegan

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

One of the most powerful voices of his generation, this is Mark Lanegan through his many projects.

31曲 • 2時間53分

1Nearly Lost You2ア・ソング・フォー・ザ・デッド3Come Undone4Revival5ザ・ロンリー・ナイト (リプライズ・ヴァージョン) [feat. マーク・ラネガン & クリス・クリストファーソン]6Where Did You Sleep Last Night7Shadow of the Season8Fire and Brimstone9Number Nine10I'm Above11ハンギン・ツリー12Snake Song13The Gravedigger's Song14The River Rise15Dollar Bill16In The Fade17Nocturne18Crystalized (Directors Cut Signature Mix) [feat. Mark Lanegan & Warpaint]19All I Know20ゴッド・イズ・オン・ザ・レディオ21I Put a Spell On You22Beehive23Time of the Season24Man in the Long Black Coat25ディス・ララバイ26One Way Street27Come on Over (Turn Me On)28Emperor29I'll Take Care Of You30Ode to Sad Disco31Don't Forget Me