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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Ten albums into their career, Austin's Spoon continue to evolve, invent, and still sound like Spoon.

31曲 • 1時間55分

1The Underdog2The Way We Get By3I Turn My Camera On4Hot Thoughts5Sugar Babies6Inside Out7Don't You Evah8Wild9Got Nuffin10Do You11Everything Hits At Once12I Can't Give Everything Away13My Babe14Can I Sit Next to You15The Mystery Zone16Rent I Pay17You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb18I Summon You19Stay Don't Go20The Hardest Cut21Anything You Want22Written in Reverse23Don't Make Me a Target24Sister Jack25Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now26Nefarious27Me And The Bean28Small Stakes29Who Makes Your Money30Reservations31Held