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Prime Video選曲

Reacher: Official Playlist

Prime Video選曲

Music featured in the Amazon Original Series, Reacher. Stream now on Prime Video!

60曲 • 2時間59分

1Gonna Need a Gun2Reacher Preps3You're in the Hold4Reacher Makes His Move5Nailed to a Wall6The Hydra7Dead Brother8Into the Pond9Roscoe Followed10A Matter of Degree11Access Gained12Reacher Follows13Hubble Confesses14Subway Exchange15Mechanical Failure16The Slap17Animal Feed18Body in the Trunk19Motel Creeping20Hubble's Shock21More Dead Bodies22Joe's Garment Bag23Bad News, Bad Guys24Killing Floor25Reacher vs Dawson26How They Did It27Finlay Beaten28You Hesitate You Die29Saving Hubble's Wife30Rhinoceros31Up in Flames32Burying the Medal33Close to the Flame34Line Em Up (feat. 1STCLSS)35Get It While You Can (1966)36Let Me Do My Thing37Shake 'Em on Down38キャント・ユー・ヒア・ミー・ノッキング (Remastered 2009)39Midnight Train40クレイジー41Call in the Cavalry42Lowdown (2023 Remaster)43Good Time Gone44Spoonful45Red Telephone46Let Me Down Easy47Mama Got Worried48思い焦がれて49Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up50City Of Angels51Late at Night52Carry on Wayward Son53Spirit In The Sky (Deluxe Edition)54Ain't It a Sin55Bad Ju-Ju56If You Will57Down On The Ground58Good Woman59Police Dog Blues60スモークスタック・ライトニン