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REDISCOVER Keith Richards

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In the Stones or on his own, nobody so embodies classic rock's sound, swagger, or soul like Keith.

36曲 • 2時間45分

1Wicked As It Seems2Take It So Hard (2019 Remaster)3Happy4Hate It When You Leave5Make No Mistake (2019 Remaster)6トラブル7Before They Make Me Run (Remastered)8Eileen9Slipping Away (Remastered)10サスピシャス11Locked Away (2019 Remaster)12ユー・ガット・ザ・シルヴァー (Remastered 2019)13You Don't Move Me (2019 Remaster)14Gimme Shelter (Live in London '92) [2022 - Remaster]15夢からさめて (2020年ニュー・ステレオ・ミックス)16Demon17Sing Me Back Home (Live)18Thru and Thru (Remastered)19This Place Is Empty (Remastered)20Hurricane21リトルT&A (Remastered 2021)22ラヴ・オーヴァーデュー23All About You (Remastered 2009)24Connection (Live)25イリュージョン26Thief In The Night (Remastered)27ユー・ウィン・アゲイン28We Had It All (Live (2004/Wiltern Theatre)) [feat. Keith Richards]29The Worst (Remastered)30Too Rude (Live)31The Harder They Come32Words of Wonder33Key To The Highway34My Babe (2019 Remaster)35Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me36How I Wish (Live in London '92) [2022 - Remaster]