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1The Rumbling (TV Size)2Blah Blah Blah3BASEBALL BAT4GUNSHOTS5Devil in Your Heart6MAKE ME DEAD!7EXiSTENCE8WHO'S NEXT9SAND CASTLE [feat. あっこゴリラ]10CROWS11Dance In The Dark12Jack. B13NO FUTURE14CAPTAiN HOOK15DiAMOND16LET iT END17Rosso & Dry18PANDORA19Upside Down20Fallen Idols21BRAiN22RiOT23IKAROS24Set Me Free25Fuck It All26Teardrops27T X H X C28Slim Thing29Dream and the Fact30Living in Pain31In the Rain32Paint Sky Blue33Turn Around34Anthem35Rum36Differ37Vitamin38Here I Am39PSYCHO40Wishing41Millions of Stones