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Classic Australian: Singer-Songwriters

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Timeless songs from Australia's best storytellers.

40曲 • 2時間37分

1To Her Door2I've Been Moved3Not Pretty Enough4Wish You Well5Cigarettes Will Kill You6The Special Two7Breathe Me8No Aphrodisiac9Where the Wild Roses Grow (2011 - Remaster)10Tucker's Daughter11私は女12Ginger Man13Most People I Know14Always Worth It15Took the Children Away16Even When I'm Sleeping17There Is No Such Place18デイズ・ゴー・バイ19Freedom Ride20Tip Of My Tongue21She Has to Be Loved22Big Jet Plane23The Day You Went Away (2007 Remastered)24This Old Love25So Beautiful (Single Version)26I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)27T.I. Blues28Capricorn Dancer29The Last Day on Earth30Divorcee by 2331Night of the Wolverine 132Don't You Think It's Time33Would You?34Brother35Swept Away36Kimberley Calling37Ramona Was a Waitress38Neopolitan Dreams39My Goodness40Rip Rip Woodchip