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REDISCOVER Australian Music

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From down under, here's 100 songs that took the Long Way To The Top. Cover: Courtney Barnett.

99曲 • 6時間32分

1Khe Sanh (2011 Remastered)2To Her Door3Need You Tonight4Can't Get You out of My Head5Scar6Weather With You7マイ・ハピネス8Friday on My Mind9ロング・ウェイ・トゥ・ザ・トップ10Somebody That I Used to Know11Most People I Know12You're the Voice13Before You Gotta Go14Throw Your Arms Around Me (Live)15Took the Children Away16Beds Are Burning (Remastered)17Living in the 70's (2015 Remaster)18Boys In Town19The Horses20Electric Blue21ステイン・アライヴ22シャンデリア23Never Be Like You24Sorrento Moon (I Remember)25Lights On The Hill (1998 Remaster)26Royal Telephone27私は女28Eagle Rock (2011 Remaster)29デイズ・ゴー・バイ30トゥルーリー・マッドリー・ディープリー31Lost Without You32Not Pretty Enough33トゥモロー34Red Right Hand (2011 Remastered Version)35Streets of Your Town (Remastered)36Thou Shalt Not Steal37Howzat (Remastered)38Love Is In The Air39The Nosebleed Section40January 26 (feat. Dan Sultan)41The Real Thing (1990 Mix)42ダウン・アンダー43Evie (Part One)44I'm Stranded45True Blue (1986 Version)46The Boys Light Up (Remastered 2013)47Help Is On Its Way (Remastered 2022)48Torn49Final Form50Treaty (Radio Mix)51Elephant52Wish You Well53Blackfella / Whitefella (2015 Remaster)54Wide Open Road55Let Me Down Easy56Since I Left You57You Were Right58Working Class Man59Rush You60What's My Scene (2005 Remaster)61Solid Rock (Remastered Version)62Tucker's Daughter63You Make Me Feel Like Dancing64フィジカル65! (The Song Formerly Known As)66Dance Monkey67Touch (Remastered)68It's Nice to Be Alive69Don't Go Now70Alone with You (2014 Remaster)71Run to Paradise72The Unguarded Moment (2002 Digital Remaster)73Live It Up74Girls on the Avenue75Cathy's Clown (Remastered 2013)76ゲット・フリー77マイ・ピープル78Like It Like That79The Carnival Is Over80Wiyathul81Adore82YOUTH83Big Jet Plane84London Still85I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)86Born to Survive87Better in Blak88Brother89Riptide90Untouched91STAY92Walking On A Dream93Cigarettes Will Kill You94Boys from the Bush (Remastered 2017)95Are You Gonna Be My Girl96Shivers97Better98There Is No Such Place99I Still Call Australia Home