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Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


46曲 • 1時間54分

1REDISCOVER ITZY - Intro (2023/10/18)2REDISCOVER ITZY - RINGO (2023/10/18)3RINGO4REDISCOVER ITZY - Voltage (2023/10/18)5Voltage6REDISCOVER ITZY - SNEAKERS -Japanese ver.- (2023/10/18)7SNEAKERS -Japanese ver.-8REDISCOVER ITZY - Cheshire -Japanese ver.- (2023/10/18)9Cheshire -Japanese ver.-10REDISCOVER ITZY - WANNABE (2023/10/18)11WANNABE12REDISCOVER ITZY - Not Shy (2023/10/18)13Not Shy14REDISCOVER ITZY - ICY (2023/10/18)15ICY16REDISCOVER ITZY - LOCO (2023/10/18)17LOCO18REDISCOVER ITZY - In The Morning (2023/10/18)19In the morning20REDISCOVER ITZY - Boys Like You (2023/10/18)21Boys Like You22REDISCOVER ITZY - Outro (2023/10/18)23DALLA DALLA24RACER25Cheshire26Blah Blah Blah27SNEAKERS28Sorry Not Sorry29IT'z SUMMER30Sooo LUCKY31Free Fall32Don't Give A What33KIDDING ME34WHAT I WANT35Be In Love36SWIPE37Snowy38SHOOT!39Spice40SURF41CHERRY42Trust Me (MIDZY)43iD44WANT IT?45TENNIS (0:0)46DALLA DALLA (DallasK Remix)