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Best of Ken Yokoyama

Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 2時間7分

1My One Wish24Wheels 9Lives3Tomorrow [feat. 木村カエラ]4I Won't Turn Off My Radio5Better Left Unsaid6Whatcha Gonna Do7Woh Oh8Still Burning9Believer10Punk Rock Dream11Maybe Maybe12Running On The Winding Road13Walk14I Go Alone15Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You16The Cost Of My Freedom17Eight‐Hour Drive18A Beautiful Song19Ricky Punks III20How Many More Times21Daydream Believer22Let The Beat Carry On23Dream Of You24I Love25Handsome Johnny26Brand New Cadillac27Popcorn Love28Come On,Let's Do The Pogo29Cherry Blossoms30Waiting For So Long31I Fell For You, Fuck You32I Go Alone Again33I'm Not Afraid When I'm With You34Save Us35Support Your Local36Pressure Drop37Love Me Slowly38Boys Don't Cry39Ten Years From Now40Ricky Punks41Coming Back To You42Malibu Beach Nightmare43What Kind Of Love44If You Love Me (Really Love Me)45Funny Things46Longing (A Quiet Time)47Da Da Da48Your Safe Rock49I Don't Care50I Can't Smile At Everyone