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Best of 布袋寅泰

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50曲 • 3時間50分

1Andromeda [feat. アイナ・ジ・エンド]2BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY (2016 Remastered)3Break The Chain4Still Dreamin’5POISON6スリル7Midnight Sun8Highway Star9バンビーナ (2016 Remastered)10Horizon11さらば青春の光 (2016 Remastered)12Pegasus (Album version)1310年前の今日のこと (Album version)14RUSSIAN ROULETTE15ラストシーン16世界は夢を見ている17BE MY BABY (25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY VERSION)18SURRENDER (2016 Remastered)19GLORIOUS DAYS20CIRCUS (2016 Remastered)21Rock & Soul Music22Give It To The Universe [feat. MAN WITH A MISSION]23C'MON EVERYBODY24STILL ALIVE (2016 Remastered)25Let’s Go268 BEATのシルエット27Do you wanna dance?28202X29NOCTURNE No.9 (2016 Remastered / ORIGINAL SINGLE VERSION)30MERRY-GO-ROUND31BEAT EMOTION (2016 Remastered / Single Version)32ミッション:インポッシブルのテーマ (2016 Remastered)33Dangerous [feat. 吉井和哉]34DIVING WITH MY CAR (2016 Remastered / RED ZONE VERSION)35CHANGE YOURSELF! (2016 Remastered)36DANCING WITH THE MOONLIGHT37BAD FEELING (25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY VERSION)38CAPTAIN ROCK (2016 Remastered)39サイバーシティーは眠らない (2016 Remastered)40MATERIALS41WAITING FOR YOU42GUITARHYTHM43Savage Sun [feat. GLIM SPANKY]44嵐が丘 (2016 Remastered)45LONELY★WILD (2016 Remastered / Single Version)46YOU (2016 Remastered)47Don't Give Up! (2016 Remastered)48UPSIDE-DOWN49CLIMB50NOBODY IS PERFECT (2016 Remastered)