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REDISCOVER Jermaine Stewart

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Take a new look to the instant classics signed by Jermaine Stewart.

34曲 • 2時間58分

1We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off2Say It Again3The Word Is Out4Get Lucky5Don't Talk Dirty To Me6Set Me Free7Is It Really Love?8Every Woman Wants To9Tren De Amor10Don't Wait For The Boys11Call It A Miracle12Lifestyle13In Love Again14Call Me Before You Come15Imagine We're In Love16My House17Search18Places19I’d Rather Be With You20Dress It Up21Get Over It22Attention23Don't Have Sex With Your Ex24Lies25Brilliance26State Of My Heart27Up To Love28Believe In Me29Please Say You Will30Got To Be Love31My Body32Reasons Why33Better Than Him34She's A Teaser