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1V2Tik Tik Tik3Loving You Slowly4Day By Day5I Want Your Love6Foxy Dominator7Animal8Mutual9Back to you10Time to go11Deep in your heart12+ MILLION but - LOVE13下弦の月14No more -ver.DK-15妖 ~あやかし~16Bad Desire17Danger Zone ~to the unknown world~18INTERACTIONAL19SHOW ME UR MONSTER20Fame21SHOCK!22愛の十字架~Promise 2U~23One more XXX...24SNAKE25Take me to...26Spica27Shadows On The Floor28ヴェルヴェット・レイン29Addicted30追憶の雨31- so young blues - 200632IN & OUT33暁34Slave of love35absolute love36VANISH37Bounce up38Love Shines39SOLITARY40Slave Maker41Fallen Angel42Deepness43Come closer44Bluff××45invisible46JAM ~Freaky Night~47Lost World48SUPERSONIC49LOVE CRIES50A Silent Night51MUSE52Just A Woman53Bongo Drum54Boogie Night55STELLAR NIGHT ~星のバルコニー56I Just Want You57Knocked me down58The mAsque59DEAD END60Night Wanderer61Over You62Love Professor63UNBREAKABLE64Awaken Yourself65Falling -2009-66Peaceful World -2009-