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「バイオハザード」シリーズ ゲーム・ソングス

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54曲 • 2時間6分

1Yearning for Dark Shadows2Ripples in the Calm3Village of Shadows4The Duke5Descent into the Village6Go Tell Aunt Rhody -Resident Evil- (Full Version)7Main Theme8Heat on Beat 2012/The Mercenaries9The Malformation Of "G"(RESISTANCE MIX)10Free From Fear11Saudade12Looming Dread13Collapse14Last Judgment15Revelations -Previous Story 2-16Heat on Beat 2015/RAID MODE17Seek and Prey/HighSpeed Heroes18Deep Sea19Ride on Sea20O vendetta di Dio21The Drive 〜 First Contact22Save Theme23The Mercenaries〜Hunk24Final Battle25ZERO26ESCAPE27BEGINNING28養成所メインテーマ29The Movie30Opening: Claire Version31A Moment Of Relief32Infants33Piano Roll34A State Of Emergency35The Theme Of Tyrant 3: Ver.B36The Theme Of Alexia Type 137The Theme Of Alexia Type 238End Credits (Complete Version)39Murderous Eyes40Her Determination41The Opening42The Beginning of Story43Annette's Recollection44Raccoon City45The First Malformation of G46The Second Malformation Of G47The Third Malformation of G48Escape From Laboratory49Special End Title50Prologue51Tyrant-152Tyrant-253Epilogue54Ending Credits