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Expertos de Amazon Music選曲


Expertos de Amazon Music選曲

Escucha los éxitos de una de las más grandes bandas de metal sinfónico

27曲 • 2時間17分

1Perfume Of The Timeless2Noise3Amaranth4Storytime5Nemo (Amazon Original)6Music (Edit)7How's the Heart?8Wish I Had an Angel (Remastered)9Wishmaster10End Of All Hope11Ever Dream12Bless The Child13Ghost Love Score (Remastered)14Over The Hills And Far Away15Gethsemane16Shudder Before the Beautiful17Last Ride of the Day18Slaying The Dreamer19Bye Bye Beautiful20The Kinslayer21Dark Chest Of Wonders (Remastered)22Sacrament Of Wilderness23Elvenpath (Remastered)24The Phantom Of The Opera25Harvest26Stargazers27Endless Forms Most Beautiful