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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Rediscover Earth's greatest live band with this set compiled from PJ's comprehensive bootleg series.

60曲 • 4時間59分

1The Long Road (Live)2Corduroy (Live)3Even Flow (Live)4Hail, Hail (Live)5Nothing As It Seems (Live)6Given To Fly (Live)7Light Years (Live)8Daughter (Live)9Rearviewmirror (Live)10I Got Id (Live)11In My Tree (Live)12Black (Live)13Better Man (Live)14Do the Evolution (Live)15State of Love and Trust (Live)16Wishlist (Live)17Rockin' In the Free World (Live)18Hunger Strike (Live)19Crown of Thorns (Live)20You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Live)21Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In a Small Town (Live)22Alive (Live)23Baba O'Riley (Live)24Yellow Ledbetter (Live)25Release (Live)26Animal (Live)27Why Go (Live)28Not For You (Live)29World Wide Suicide (Live)30Porch (Live)31Jeremy (Live)32Love, Reign O’er Me (Live)33The Fixer (Live)34In Hiding (Live)35Just Breathe (Live)36Off He Goes (Live)37Last Kiss (Live)38The Kids Are Alright (Live)39Crazy Mary (Live)40Nothingman (Live)41Mother (Live)42Satan's Bed (Live)43Lightning Bolt (Live)44Fuckin’ Up (Live)45Breath (Live)46Once (Live)47Spin the Black Circle (Live)48Kick Out the Jams (Live)49Save You (Live)50Go (Live)51Last Exit (Live)52All Along the Watchtower (Live)53I Won't Back Down (Live)54Untitled (Live)55MFC (Live)56Footsteps (Live)57Oceans (Live)58Indifference (Live)59Sonic Reducer (Live)60Yellow Ledbetter (Live)