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Invincible Season 1: Official Playlist

Prime Video選曲

Listen to songs from INVINCIBLE, an Amazon Original Series.

25曲 • 1時間27分

1Broken Boy2Might Not Make It Home3Do Betta4Rocket Fuel5Let It All Go6Chase Me7Sunflower8Don't Get Captured9Paradise10Make Way For The King11Fall in Love12Alive13I Can Get It Myself (feat. Bionik)14Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)15u and me, but mostly me16Riding Solo17My Type18Knock Me Off My Feet19Get Gone20Chapter 6 Many Mistakes21I Like Myself (Most Of The Time)22Hard to Kill23the ground below (feat. Royal Blood) [Royal Jewels Mix]24We Are Infinite25Hate To Say I Told You So