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あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない アニメ・ソングス

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70曲 • 3時間18分

1secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 years after Ver.)2青い栞3Tamerai4I Left You Last5Dynamic Sunset6Back In The Old Hut7When We're All Together8Let's Go Look For Her9Bored With Loose Friends10Dokidoki11Before It Gets Dark12All About Her Death13Lost Childhood14I Lie Asleep ~ interlude15Dear Love ~ when I first met you16Last Train Home ~ still far17Thin Moonlight18Flash Back19Secret Feelings ~ now revealed20Dear Love21Denial22I Left You23We Are Back24Dark Waltz ~ the long tunnel25Two On A Bike26Mixed Characters27Secret Feelings ~ from childhood28Look For The Real One29On A Silent Afternoon30Men's Room Only?31I Still Lie Asleep ~ interlude32That Day33Sink34Last Train Home35My Star...36Going Crazy Over You37Atafuta38I Left You ~ not sure if I did...39Still...40Our New Sunrise41Still...~instrumental42Dear Love ~ all these years43The Next Morning44Beautiful Seasons With You45Thin Moonlight ~ Thin As Ice46Secret Feelings ~ Hidden Feelings of Love47Sink ~ Frozen Moments48All About her Death ~ It Has To Do With Her Not Being Here49My Star... ~ Steady As A Star50Guitar Afternoon ~ Lazy Afternoons51Secret Feelings ~ Tender52Before It Gets Dark ~ While The Sun Sets53I Left You ~ Did I Leave You54Dynamic Sunset ~ Words I Heard In The Silent Dawn55Lost Childhood ~ Wondering About56Dear Love ~ My Sweet And Most Dearest Love57Sounds Inside The House58Still...~ Follow You Still...59On A Silent Afternoon ~ Childhood Marks On The Wall60Going Crazy Over You ~ Going Crazy Over Her61Leaving The Ceremony62Not As Friends ~ Can We Make It Not As Friends63Last Train Home ~ Twinkle Train Take Us Home64When It All Comes To An End65Epilogue...From Time To Time66Dear Love ~ Turning A New Leaf (Instrumental )67Vocal Track Medley ~ The Chapel In The Forest (Dear Love /I Left You /Still...)68Medley Finale ~ If I Am Born Again (Instrumental)(Still.../Dear Love)69Not As Friends70Not As Friends ~ Thank You... (Instrumental)