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REDISCOVER Brittany Howard

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Whether solo or leading Alabama Shakes (or Thunderbitch), Brittany's restless creative spirit shines

40曲 • 2時間28分

1Stay High2He Loves Me3Hold On4History Repeats5Don't Wanna Fight6Leather Jacket7Georgia8I Found You9Short and Sweet10Sound & Color11Closer12Hang Loose13This Feeling14Darkness and Light15Baby16I Just Wanna Rock n Roll17You'll Never Walk Alone18Goat Head19Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am20Be Mine21Higher2213th Century Metal23Eastside Party24Gimme All Your Love25On Your Way26Short and Sweet (Bon Iver Remix)27Dunes28Tomorrow29Goin' to the Party30Guess Who31Presence32Boys & Girls33Miss You34Heartbreaker35Over My Head36Goat Head (EARTHGANG Version)37You Ain't Alone38Future People3913th Century Metal (Michael Kiwanuka Mix)40Always Alright