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Amazon Music選曲


46曲 • 3時間2分

1Richter: ドリーム1 (ビフォー・ザ・ウィンド・ブロウズ・イット・オール・アウェイ) (パート4)2when the party's over (Amazon Original)3Badzura: K.A.H.D. (Home Session)4Boulder, CO, 11AM5Spring Will Come6Peaceful Piano7J.S. Bach: ゴルトベルク変奏曲 BWV 988 - アリア8Blissful Years9Leaves By The River10Aglow11ロシアン12Imaginary Traces13Hold14Seed Of Happiness15Lost163 Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent et douloureux173 Gymnopédies: No. 3, Lent et grave183 Gymnopédies: No. 2, Lent et triste19Sicilienne in E-Flat Major (Arr. Dushkin for Cello and Piano)20SAMADHI21Einaudi: Nuvole Bianche22Le carnaval des animaux: XIII. Le cygne (Transcr. Vidal for Cello and Orchestra)23Pachelbel Canon24夜想曲集25夜想曲 第2番 変ホ長調 作品9の226夜想曲全集27夜想曲集28Chopin: 夜想曲集 - 第5番 嬰ヘ長調 作品15の229Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27 No. 2 "Moonlight": I. Adagio sostenuto (Excerpt)30Liebesträume, S. 541: No. 1: Nocturne in A-Flat Major31Liebesträume, S. 541: No. 2: Nocturne in E-Flat Major32Liebesträume, S. 541: No. 3: Nocturne in A-Flat Major33Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 2, Op. 30: No. 9 in E Major, Op. 30, No. 334Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 2, Op. 30: No. 12 in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 30, No. 6, "Venezianisches Gondellied"35Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 3, Op. 38: No. 16 in A Major, Op. 38, No. 436Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 4, Op. 53: No. 19 in A-Flat Major, Op. 53, No. 137Lieder ohne Worte, Book 5, Op. 62: Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 5, Op. 62: No. 25 in G Major, Op. 62, No. 138Ballade, Op. 2439夜のガスパール40Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 13 in B flat, K.333 - 2. Andante cantabile41Richter: ウラディミールのブルース42Breath43Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: I. Aria44Richter: Prelude 6 (Voiceless Mix) - Pt. 145ステイ46Heartbeats (Solo Piano Version)