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Cosmic Strings

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1Dust In the Ravine2The Hum of an Empty House3'Til We Meet Again4august 31st5We Listen to Maples, Ash, and Oaks,6Rained Like Hell7Only a Stranger Once (Edit) [Amazon Original]8Little Tujunga9Returning Light10Waterfall Path11Stalagmites12Torbjørn Bjellands Bruremarsj13La Jetée14We Wave From Our Boats15Silent Advance16Rahula, Years Later17Erosion18Lena's Spanish Fandango19Rise From Your Wave20Needles, CA21I Wonder (Song for Michael)22Second Train to Alamogordo23Psalm24Rains Legacy25Virga (Amazon Original)26Stockport Monday (Homage Tom Rush)27Puerto Suelo28Catch and Release (Going Steady Bonus Track)294K Field (Amazon Original)30Boston Street Lullaby No. 131White Oak Blues32Bygones33Pray for Rain34Greetings From A Distant Friend35Tints of Morning36In a Cistern37Victorian Timestamp38Introspection #7639Idumea40Exilic Excursions41Pallet42Dream Sequence (Amazon Original)43Dowsing44Dreamwood45Morning Moon46coyote out of (lizard) sleep47Past Houses (Reprise)48Marie (Alternate Version)49End of the Night