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Amzon Music選曲


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1GO TO HELL2The Weekend3I Don't Know You Anymore4SOMEBODY5Trust Issues6Lover Like Me7Skate8hair tie9Split10The Feels11Own It12Less Like13Killing Me14Take Me Home (English Version)15in my head16On The Ground17Chance18LALISA19Into The Night20In My Mind21Lose Control22Funky23Apollo24Got It25LMLY26Good Luck27see u dance28One Time29Hard Place (Amazon Original)30California (feat. Warren Hue)31Take Me Home32End of the World33Imaginary [feat. キンブラ]34Denied35vegas36Bubblegum37Dive with you (feat. eaJ)38LOCO39What's Ur Sign?40Jolene41If I Fall42Don't Fold43Us244ラブ (feat. pH-1)45Fire In The Sky46Diamonds + And Pearls47Chicken Adobo48Build a Bitch49Reminisce (feat. Yuna)50Backhouse Ballin' (feat. James Reid)51COSMOS52Last Day On Earth53Get It Right54deja vu55Black Hole56Alone But Not Lonely57Don't Go Changing58Ready Is Always Too Late59Fake Friends60Crazy (Amazon Original)61Pineapple Kryptonite62Ain't No MF (feat. pH-1)63Chivalry64Marrow65Be Sweet66Keep You Close67Anything For You (Amazon Original)68Rent Free (Feat. Jeff Bernat)69Echo (with KSHMR)70Happy Endings (feat. iann dior and UPSAHL)71amphetamine72Normal People (feat. rei brown)73Fake Laugh (feat. Jay Park)74Adore You, Dior You7528 Club76Oh!77Damage78イン・ザ・ダーク79Say Yes80Blossom81Grace82GLORY (feat. 9m88)83GAMBLER843PM85Tweety86For You (feat. Crush)87Steady As We Go88Peace at Last89That's On You (Japanese Remix)90F.R.A.91F Yo Love Song92Lotus93On My Way94Sex on the Beach95Permission to Dance96Firestarter97End of the World (Feat. GSoul)98sunnysideup99creep