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2020年 Best of Rock

Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 3時間9分

1Superblood Wolfmoon2Outlaws & Outsiders3Shot In The Dark4Parasite Eve5Protect The Land6Ohms7Popular Monster8Trouble’s Coming9WE ARE CHAOS10Animals11Dance Of The Clairvoyants12Death by Rock and Roll13ペイシェンス14Is Everybody Going Crazy?15Antisocialist16Under the Graveyard17Obey18A Little Bit Off19Shame Shame20Unperson21リヴィング・イン・ア・ゴーストタウン22Realize23Resentment24Somebody That I Used to Know25Dirty26Dangerous27Oh Yeah!28Ordinary Man29Black Eyes Blue30Inside Out31Teardrops323033Riptide34The In-Between35Every Time You Leave36Limits37Mindreader38Panic39Flowers On A Grave40Atlas Falls41Take Me Away (Album Version)42DOA [feat. Joyner Lucas]43Hero44マイ・ウェイ、スーン45Shakin' Off The Rust46シックネス47World Keeps Spinning48Dear Agony (Aurora Version)49The Devil Went Down to Georgia50Work