Sarah Pidgeon選曲

The Wilds: Leah’s Favorite Songs

Sarah Pidgeon選曲

Songs inspired by “Leah Rilke” from the Amazon Original Series, The Wilds.

53曲 • 3時間47分

1Jesus, Etc.2スケール・イット・バック feat. リトル・ドラゴン[シングル・エディット]3Carry The Zero4Lay Down5Some Feeling6A Trick of the Light7Find Someone Like You8Blue Skies9Only You10All Night11If U C My Enemies12テイスト13Joy Affair14Bebey (SN1 Road Mix)15At The River16Gold Snafu17Walk in the Park1810 Mile Stereo19Mr Johnson20Samson21Great Dane22Better Days23Lake Superior24グローリー・ボックス25Rose Parade26High and Dry27Hot Tears28Seventeen29Glad He's Gone30Black And White Town31One by One32Eddy's Song33The Florist34Juices35フォレスト36Glue37Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)38Norman fucking Rockwell39Be Good (Lion's Song)40Sliding Doors41YOU'RE THE ONE42Sunset Canyon43Old Friends44henna tattoo45Brite Boy46Heart It Races (Cover Version)47Paul48Hell N Back49Still Beating50Barricade51Shine [feat. Freddy Verano & Linying]52Rhiannon53Les Fleurs