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REDISCOVER George Strait

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Check yes on this collection of smash hits from the King of Country.

50曲 • 2時間43分

1アマリロ・バイ・モーニング2アイ・クロス・マイ・ハート3Every Little Honky Tonk Bar4チェック・イエス・オア・ノー5オール・マイ・エックスズ・リヴ・イン・テキサス6TROUBADOUR - ALBUM VERSION7オーシャン・フロント・プロパティ8I Got A Car9ラヴ・ウィズアウト・エンド・アーメン10Heartland (Pure Country/Soundtrack Version)11I Can Still Make Cheyenne12God And Country Music13Fool Hearted Memory14A Fire I Can't Put Out15You Look So Good In Love16Let's Fall To Pieces Together17The Chair18ギヴ・イット・アウェイ19The Cowboy Rides Away20アイ・ソー・ゴッド・トゥデイ21アイ・ジャスト・ウォント・トゥ・ダンス・ウィズ・ユー22Write This Down23Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind24Ace In The Hole25Baby Blue26Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her27Right Or Wrong28Carrying Your Love With Me29Here For A Good Time30Blue Clear Sky31It Just Comes Natural32Give It All We Got Tonight33The Fireman34Carried Away35Run36Cowboys Like Us37She'll Leave You With A Smile38How 'Bout Them Cowgirls39Designated Drinker (A Duet With George Strait)40Love's Gonna Make It Alright41Easy Come, Easy Go42Unwound43Baby Your Baby (Pure Country/Soundtrack Version)44The Weight Of The Badge45Wrapped46I Hate Everything (50 Number Ones Version)47Marina Del Rey48If I Know Me49When Did You Stop Loving Me50Take Me To Texas