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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

For two decades, these Grammy winners have been one of the most beloved indie bands on the planet.

44曲 • 3時間44分

1Bloodbuzz Ohio2I Need My Girl3Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces)4The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness5The Alcott (feat. Taylor Swift)6Don't Swallow the Cap7About Today8Mr. November9Space Invader10Weird Goodbyes (feat. Bon Iver)11Tropic Morning News12コニー・アイランド [feat. ザ・ナショナル]13Light Years14This is the Last Time15New Order T-Shirt16Terrible Love17All the Wine18I Should Live in Salt19Alphabet City20Abel21I Am Easy To Find (Live From New York's Beacon Theatre [Amazon Original])22Eucalyptus23Afraid of Everyone24Murder Me Rachael (Live)25Guilty Party26Conversation 1627The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness (Live From New York's Beacon Theatre [Amazon Original])28Lucky You29Sorrow30Secret Meeting31Pink Rabbits32Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)33Lemonworld34Graceless35England36Looking for Astronauts37Lean38Morning Dew39Pay For Me40Runaway41The Geese of Beverly Road42Heavenfaced43Anna Freud44Once Upon A Poolside (feat. Sufjan Stevens)