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Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


66曲 • 4時間7分

1ceilings2Holocene3I Know You4パリ、テキサス [feat. SYML]5Alaska (Acoustic)6Glue Song (Kids Choir Version) (Amazon Original)7エヴァーモア [feat. ボン・イヴェール]8Cool About It9About Today10New Slang (2021 Remaster)11Spotless (feat. The Lumineers)12Sweet Home13Beach Zombies14Margaux15Cutting Corners16In a River (Acoustic)17You Hold Me Up18A Sky Like I've Never Seen (From the Amazon Original Movie "Wildcat")19ランナウェイ (ピアノ・ヴァージョン)20Naked as We Came21Pancakes for Dinner22Coming Around Again (Amazon Original)23Becoming Human24ライアビリティ25Tek It (Acoustic)26I Will Follow You into the Dark27So Much Wine28Chicago (acoustic version)29She Lit a Fire30People Say (Acoustic)31The Gold (Phoebe Bridgers Version)32The Last Man on Earth (Lullaby Version)33Simulation Swarm34Where's My Love (Acoustic)35I Love You So (Acoustic)36Washed Away (Acoustic)37Streets of Philadelphia38Gooey (Stripped)39Mystery of Love40Coffee41No Surprises (Amazon Original)42God Only Knows43405 (Acoustic)44Goodbye Mr. Blue45where we are (acoustic)46Soul Mate47I Can't Make You Love Me (AIR Studios – 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session)48When Am I Gonna Lose You (Acoustic)49This Is Home50Thérèse51Save a Prayer (Acoustic)52White Winter Hymnal53Pyramid Song54Is This Love?55Head Over Heels56Sunny day57Free (Acoustic)58Questions For The Universe59ヒステリック-アコースティック60Fade Into You (Amazon Original)61prom dress (acoustic)62Complainer63Powerful Man (Amazon Original)64Morning Blue (Piano Version)65ニューヨーク66Daydreaming