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REDISCOVER Dashboard Confessional

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Embrace the nostalgia of songs that made Chris Carrabba the face of emo for a generation of fans.

40曲 • 2時間19分

1Hands Down2Vindicated3Screaming Infidelities4Stolen (Single Version)5As Lovers Go6The Best Deceptions7Heart Beat Here8Again I Go Unnoticed9Ghost Of A Good Thing10ドント・ウェイト11Saints and Sailors12The Swiss Army Romance13Rapid Hope Loss14The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most15We Fight16Bend And Not Break17Belle of the Boulevard18The Good Fight19The Sharp Hint of New Tears20The Brilliant Dance21Carry This Picture22Belong23ソー・ロング、ソー・ロング24Standard Lines25So Beautiful26Living in Your Letters27ダスク・アンド・サマー28Hopes Up (feat. Dashboard Confessional)29This Bitter Pill30ルーフトップス・アンド・インヴィテーションズ31Hey Girl32リーズン・トゥ・ビリーヴ33Where There's Gold34This Ruined Puzzle35Am I Missing36Love Yourself37シークレッツ・イン・ザ・テリング38GET ME RIGHT39About Us40Turpentine Chaser