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Best of 久保田利伸

Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 4時間2分

1LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG2Boogie Ride3Missing4空の詩5夢 with You6You were mine7夜に抱かれて ~A Night in Afro Blue~8AHHHHH!9GIVE YOU MY LOVE10Dance If You Want It11Cymbals12ふたりのオルケスタ13虹のグランド スラム14Indigo Waltz15the Sound of Carnival16CRY ON YOUR SMILE17BODY-CATION18Honey B19Keep On JAMMIN'20Messengers' Rhyme ~Rakushow, it's your Show!~21ZA-KU-ZA-KU Digame22SUNshine, MOONlight23High Roller24GODDESS ~新しい女神~25Candy Rain26TIMEシャワーに射たれて27Forever Yours28LOVE RAIN ~恋の雨~29Just the 2 of Us30Be wanabee31雨音(in your face vocal)32SOUL BANGIN'33ポリ リズム34M☆A☆G☆I☆C35Our Christmas36君のそばに37失意のダウンタウン38FLYING EASY LOVING CRAZY39Club Happiness40a Love Story(TV Mix)41Respect (this & that) ~Extended Funky Jam Version~42声にできない43Upside Down44Bring me up !45流れ星と恋の雨46Tomorrow Waltz47So Beautiful 〜more beautiful mix〜48Always Remain49Funk It Up50Nothing But Your Love (ALBUM MIX)