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REDUX 010: Ramones

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Ramones in context: '76 NYC Scene, '70s Proto-Punk & Punk, roots & branches on the musical tree.

97曲 • 4時間48分

1Blitzkrieg Bop (2016 Remaster)2汚れた天使 (2001 Digital Remaster)3See No Evil4Pulled Up (2005 Remaster)553rd & 3rd (2016 Remaster)6Sonic Reducer7ロックン・ロール・ハート8Born To Lose9I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)10Blank Generation (2017 Remaster Audio) [Remastered]11Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl12グローリア13I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (2016 Remaster)14I Wanna Be Your Dog15Rock and Roll (Full Length Version) [2015 Remaster]16Roadrunner17Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (2001 Remaster)18California Sun19パーソナリティ・クライシス20I Wanna Be Sedated (2002 Remaster)21ザ・パッセンジャー221 2 X U (2006 Remastered Version)23New Rose (2017 Remastered)24Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (2017 Remaster)25アナーキー・イン・ザ・U.K.26ジェニー・ジョーンズ27イン・ザ・シティ28I Just Want to Have Something to Do (2002 Remaster)29Rock and Roll Music30ペギー・スー31リトル・ホンダ32Do You Wanna Dance? (2001 Remaster)33キッスでダウン34リーダー・オブ・ザ・パック35ビー・マイ・ベイビー36The KKK Took My Baby Away (2002 Remaster)37I Fought the Law38恋はワイルド・シング39Walk Don't Run40Surfin' Bird (2002 Remaster)41Have Love Will Travel42Psychotic Reaction43アイ・キャント・エクスプレイン44Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (2002 Remaster)45Get Off Of My Cloud46A Hard Day's Night (Remastered 2009)47All Day and All of the Night48Rock 'n' Roll High School (Ed Stasium Mix)49Hang on to Yourself (2012 Remaster)50Toys In The Attic51Rockaway Beach (2002 Remaster)52What Do I Get? (2001 Remastered Version)53Teenage Kicks54Another Girl, Another Planet (2008 re-mastered version)55Needles and Pins (2002 Remaster)56Precious (2006 Remaster)57Bad Reputation58ウィ・ガット・ザ・ビート (Remastered 2011)59Judy Is a Punk (2016 Remaster)60Wild in the Streets61California Uber Alles62TV Party63I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement (2016 Remaster)64Pay to Cum65Makes No Sense At All66Bastards of Young (2008 Remaster)67I Remember You (2017 Remaster)68Head On69Wave Of Mutilation70Waiting Room71Ace Of Spades72ラスト・カレス/グリーン・ヘル73イッツ・ソー・イージー74Chinese Rock (2002 Remaster)75オン・ア・プレイン76Touch Me I'm Sick77スピン・ザ・ブラック・サークル<黒き輪を回せ>78Pet Sematary79Ring of Fire80Come Out and Play8121st Century (Digital Boy)82Pinhead (2017 Remaster)83Basket Case84バディ・ホリー85ホワッツ・マイ・エイジ・アゲイン?86タイム・フォー・リヴィン87フィール・グッド・ヒット・オブ・ザ・サマー88Month of May89Beat on the Brat (2016 Remaster)90ラスト・ナイト91Fell In Love With a Girl92Diane Young93She's the One (2002 Remaster)94僕についてのばかげた歌95Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)96I'm Not Okay (I Promise)97Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (2016 Remaster)