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Amazon's music experts.選曲


Amazon's music experts.選曲

Top tracks and collaborations from the innovative Canadian musician.

43曲 • 2時間36分

1Genesis2Flesh without Blood3Medieval Warfare4Oblivion5I Wanna Be Software6Go7Cold Touch8Shinigami Eyes9Rosa10Welcome To The Opera11Kill V. Maim12Pynk (feat. Grimes)13Entropy14Crystal Ball15California16Violence (Original Mix)174ÆM18Be a Body19So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Art Mix)20Same Mistake (Remix)21Realiti22Take Me Away23Delete Forever24Cry (feat. Grimes)25A Drug From God [feat. NPC]26Player Of Games27Hedra28Nightmusic29No Man's Land (feat. Grimes)30Urban Twilight31Venus Fly32Vowels = space and time33nihilist blues34Infinite Love without Fulfilment35We Appreciate Power36love4eva (feat. Grimes)37My Name is Dark (Art Mix)38Feyd Rautha Dark Heart39Play Destroy40Visiting Statue41Delicate Weapon42Ophia43laughing and not being normal